Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Are you truly free?  Do you understand the concepts of sin, freedom, bondage, heaven and hell?  If you died today, where would you spend eternity?  Are you sure (you can be)?   In the midst of this COVID-19 mess, we as Christians need to understand what true freedom is and where we can find it. Click on   FREEDOM!!


How to Get "On Target"

How's your shooting?  Are you in fact zeroed-in and "on target."  For Christ.  Here's how to improve your spiritual "accuracy:  How to Get "ON TARGET" for Christ


Separation of Church and State

What does that phrase actually mean?  To whom does it apply?  It's in the Constitution, right???
Let's be sure we get it right!  Click on SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.


A Cop's Easter

Here's your Easter 2020 newsletter and Bible study:  A Cop's Easter


God, Cops & Government

Here's our April 2nd newsletter:  GOD, COPS & GOVERNMENT


Sunday, March 29, 2020

A "Code 3" Sense of Urgency

This latest crisis should be a reminder that we who believe must have a "Code 3" (lights and siren, emergency) sense of urgency to share the hope we have in Christ with the lost.  For the believer, we should be without fear, while those who are lost (non-Christians) who choose to stay that way have EVERYTHING to fear.  Here then is "A Code 3 Sense of Urgency."