Friday, November 30, 2018

Leaving a Truly Lasting Legacy

The life and line of duty death of fellow minister and officer Garrett Swasey has powerful application for all of us:  Leaving a Lasting Legacy.


Rest in Peace?

So important that we understand what "RIP" (Rest In Peace) means and to whom (and ONLY to whom) it actually applies.  Here then is "Rest in Peace?" (pass it on).


Tuesday, November 20, 2018


As cops, we understand what it means when we see a sign that clearly says, "ONE WAY."  Obviously, that means ONE WAY only (no "other" way), and we enforce it as such.  This Bible study addresses that subject from a biblical perspective.  Do you understand that God says that the ONLY way we can be saved is through His Son, Jesus Christ?   Rest assured, this message shows you "The Way" to get there:  ONE WAY ONLY!

Still not sure?  Email me and I'll point you to "The Way."

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and be safe out there. 


No Compromise!

Getting caught up on our last few newsletters (email and social media remain the best way to get these in a timely manner).  First...